Club House was put into service in 2006 within Atakent 1 which is the first project of Avrupa Konutları and became a chain by continuous development as it provides service to homeowners at 6 different locations; in Atakent 2, Atakent 3, Tem, Tem 2 and lastly Tema İstanbul. The aim of Club House which is distinguished as advantegous in terms of service quality and price is to get the residents adopt exercising sports habits and finally establish sports as a life style.

There are treadmills, cardio equipment, fitness equipment for all muscular activities, indoor and outdoor pools, sauna and steam bath, group lessons in studios, squash courts, refomer pilates and ballet studios, winter-summer sports schools for children, sportive tournaments in the Club Houses which provide numerous activities for both the grown-up and children.

Club House had recently initiated trainings for Karate and Taekwondo lectured by specialist instructors in order to train certified athletes for the future having been accomplished significant success and pioneered numerous organisations before. Thus children and young residents of Avrupa Konutları will be able to participate in competitions and become good athletes renowned in Turkey. The utmost important obstacle for raising an athlete in Turkey is lack of performance due to distance challenges between the triangle of house, school and sports club. The parents are adversely affected as well. We believe in ourselves that we night be useful for the children and young people interested in the aforementioned sports by providing the services within the premises of their residential space. In the meantime, we will be initiating training for Squash in the near future. We invite all of our residents to exercise sports and adopt healthy life.